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Physical Therapy Services

General Orthopedics

Coulter Physical Therapy in Russellville is pleased to offer the latest evidence-based treatment focused on the care and treatment of disorders of the muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons, nerves and skin of the musculoskeletal system.

We work first to reduce pain and swelling and then to focus on effective healing so the problems will not reoccur.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Our Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill, allows our patients to push their physical therapy rehabilitation to new levels.

Using this amazing NASA-inspired technology, you can reduce gravity’s impact by selecting any weight between 20 percent and 100 percent of your body weight by one percent increments.

As a result, you can more rapidly rehabilitate injuries with less pain and less impact and improve your mobility, strength and safety for patients.

It is also a safe way to lose weight and exercise more intensively while unweighted and to train more effectively without stress to muscles and joints.

Job Placement Assessments and Functional Capacity Evaluations

We provide testing for employees to determine if they are physically able to handle the rigors of specific jobs.  After an injury, it is often difficult for others to know an individual’s functional limitations in preparation for returning to work.  A FCE will give the injured worker and his employer objective limits that the worker can safely return to work with.

Pre and Post Surgery

A number of recent students have confirmed the importance of having physical therapy before and after such surgeries as joint replacement to aid in complete recovery afterwards.

We will work closely with your physician to assist you in restoring ease of movement and in building up your strength to ensure a complete recovery.

Back and Neck Pain

Very few injuries have a larger impact on your quality of life than chronic back and neck pain, and yet each year, 31 million Americans are diagnosed with it. It makes people miss work and family engagements.

We offer a series of physical therapy treatments designed to relieve pain and restore our patients to their normal level of activity.

We will also work with you on home exercise and transitional programs to ensure that the problems do not recur when the therapy is finished.

Worker’s Compensation

Even though labor laws regarding working conditions have become more stringent and employers themselves have introduced more training and safety procedures, the chances of being injured on the job remains high. Six out of every 100 workers will suffer some kind of work-related injury each year.

At Coulter Physical Therapy in Russellville, we will work with your doctor and your Worker’s Compensation team to help you heal from your injury and return to work as quickly as possible.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The trained and licensed staff at Coulter Physical Therapy will work with your physician to help you heal from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

Our goal is to help you return to your normal life as quickly as possible through determining a customized program of treatment.

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation

Patients experiencing dizziness and balance issues can be assisted greatly with physical therapy.

More than 90 million Americans suffer from some kind of problem with their vestibular system, one of the body’s main balance system.

At Coulter Physical Therapy in Russellville, we treat many problems associated with the vestibular system such as vertigo, dizziness, imbalance, migraines and frequent falls.

Gait Analyses

By studying your gait, our physical therapists can often discern the source of your pain or your tendency to have balance or falling issues.

We will work with you if problems are encountered to build a program to help you overcome issues and return to your normal level of activity as quickly as possible.

Arthritis and osteoporosis

Using exercise and modern modalities, we will work with you to devise a customized program to maintain your strength and movement when you have been diagnosed with arthritis or osteoporosis.

In addition to finding the means to reduce pain and inflammation, we work to help you protect yourself with exercise and by avoiding falls and injuries.

Sports injuries

Our physical therapists and assistants will work one-on-one with you to assist you in recovering from your sports injuries and prevent them from recurring.

Whether you are a professional or amateur sports enthusiast, the potential for incurring an injury at some point is high. An estimated 3.2 million sports and recreation injuries are recorded annually in the United States.

Recreational sports such as soccer, tennis and golf account for the most injuries, closely followed by cycling and exercising.

Our anti-gravity treadmill can help you continue training without pain and our effective treatments can get you back to your sport of choice as quickly as possible.

Bone density screening

Coulter Physical Therapy provides cost effective bone density screening to determine if you have signs of osteoporosis, a disease that makes bones fragile and susceptible to breaks.

It is important, for the effective treatment of this disease, to diagnose it as early as possible.

The bone density screen uses ultrasound over the heel bone to measure the density of calcium and other bone minerals present.